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Free Ozone Clean with any Wedding Dress Cleaned

Free Ozone Clean with any Wedding Dress Cleaned

Free Ozone Clean with any Wedding Dress Cleaned

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Our Frequently Asked Questions are designed to help you understand more about how Bridal Clean will clean and preserve your wedding dress, and what you can expect when you entrust us with your wedding gown.

These the most common questions that we have been asked by our customers over the years, together with some additional advice and information about how to pack your wedding dress when you send it to us.

If the answer to your specific question isn’t here, then please contact us.


Wedding Dress Cleaning FAQs 

When Should My Wedding Dress Be Cleaned? 

If you plan to have your wedding dress cleaned after your wedding day, you should aim for this to be done as soon as possible after the ceremony. Acting quickly improves the results as stains have less time to ‘fix’ onto the fabric. You also reduce the risk of your dress becoming damaged due to being stored incorrectly or just due to the passage of time.

It is a good idea to adding ‘wedding dress cleaning’ to your wedding’s ‘to do’ list. If you’re not going to be on hand in the days immediately after your wedding, for example because you are going on honeymoon, then entrust one of your bridesmaids, parents or other close friends to ensure it is collected. We can collect from any London address you choose.

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Does My Wedding Dress Really Need Cleaning?

If you were extra careful on your wedding day and managed to0 avoid spilling anything onto your wedding gown, cleaning and preserving your wedding dress will remove odours and help to keep your dress looking better for longer. In addition, some marks may not be immediately obvious to the naked eye, for example white wine, but over time will stain and damage your dress.

Of course you may be planning to have your wedding dress before the ceremony, perhaps because you are renewing your vows and want to wear your original wedding dress or because you have chosen to wear a vintage gown. Choosing Bridal Clean to clean your wedding dress before your wedding will ensure that it’s back with you in plenty of time for your big day.

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My Wedding Dress Doesn’t Look Dirty? 

As already mentioned, there are some marks that you can’t see unless specialist techniques such as UV scanning are used. It’s also possible for smaller stains, which may not seem problematic, to become more noticeable or less able to be removed easily if they are left on the gown.

Depending on what has caused the stain you may also find that over time the fabric of your gown becomes weakened or damaged. For these reasons we suggest cleaning even apparently spotless wedding gowns.

Following cleaning, our specialist preservation and boxing service will help maintain the condition of your wedding dress.

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Why Can’t I Just Clean My Wedding Dress Myself? 

You don’t need us to tell you how precious your wedding gown is, and while it may seem tempting to remove small marks from your dress yourself even minor stain removal can damage the fabric. Using the wrong cleaning products or treating the material too roughly can all have a detrimental effect on your bridal gown. So even if you are tempted to save some money by tackling the cleaning of your dress at how, it’s always better to make the investment of having your wedding dress professionally cleaned.

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My Wedding Dress Is Dry Clean Only. Can It Be Cleaned Using Miele WetCare?

Miele WetCare is a cleaning system that is suitable for practically all fabrics, including those that are very delicate. Although this is a ‘wet’ cleaning method, the process is perfectly safe for wedding dresses marked ‘dry clean only’ or those that specify other cleaning methods.

Bridal Clean use Miele WetCare to clean almost all the wedding dresses that are sent to us, and we would never clean a dress in this way if we thought it could be damaged. WetCare offers additional benefits, not least the absence of the distinctive ‘chemical’ smell that you may be familiar with after traditional dry cleaning. As WetCare doesn’t use harsh chemicals it is also kinder to both your wedding dress and the environment.

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Why Do You Use UV Scanning On Wedding Dresses?

Bridal Clean uses UV (Ultra Violet) scanning to check for the types of stains that may not be visible to the naked eye. White wine, for example, may not leave an obvious mark on your wedding dress, but as time goes on it will darken and could damage your dress.

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Why Should I Consider Ozone Cleaning for My Wedding Dress? 

Ozone cleaning will break down odours on your wedding dress, such as smoke, sweat and perfume, leaving it smelling fresher and cleaner. If you think about how the air smells after a thunderstorm, you’ll get a sense of the effect of ozone cleaning.

The ozone cleaning method will disinfect your wedding dress, killing almost 100% of all viruses and bacteria, including coronavirus. Ozone cleaning also helps to preserve you wedding dress. This is because the process can help with both the removal and prevention of mould.

Like the Miele WetCare method, ozone cleaning is also an environmentally friendly process, as it is chemical-free.

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Do I Really Need A Storage Box? 

Storing your wedding dress properly in the correct type of box will protect your wedding dress and keep it looking its best. Bridal Clean uses bespoke handmade preservation boxes, which not only protect your dress but are also beautiful items in their own right.

Placing your wedding dress in a preservation box will keep your dress away from light and dust, both of which can damage your dress and degrade its fabric. The boxes we use are designed to let your wedding dress ‘breathe’, reducing the likelihood of mildew forming.

Our boxes are pH neutral, as is the tissue paper we use to pack your dress. Using pH neutral materials prevents your wedding gown discolouring.

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Do You Clean Wedding Shoes?

Yes. Bridal Clean offers a hand-finished shoe cleaning and disinfecting service. We can also provide you with a hand-made preservation box to match your wedding dress preservation box. You should note that while we will always strive to achieve the best results, we cannot guarantee that it will be possible to remove all stains and marks from your shoes. Some marks may only fade rather than disappear completely.

Scuffs and damage to your shoes from the wedding say will be treated, but can remain after treating.

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Will All the Stains Be Removed From My Wedding Dress?

Unfortunately it is never possible to give a 100% guarantee that all stains will be removed from any wedding dress. In our professional opinion we would suggest that you avoid any wedding dress cleaning company that promises that it can remove all stains.

What we can guarantee is that we will make sure that every wedding dress we clean is treated in the most appropriate way according to its fabric, age, value etc. Bridal Clean has years of experience in cleaning and preserving wedding dresses, and we use this experience to choose the most effective cleaning technique for your wedding gown, giving you the best results possible.

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Can Wedding Dress Cleaning Damage My Dress?

We take every precaution possible to avoid damage to your wedding dress. On arrival, our team examines and photographs your wedding dress, noting any areas of damage or weakness. This allows us to identify areas that may need repairing before cleaning or protected during cleaning.

We may secure or remove very fragile areas of wedding dress decoration, and where this is not possible, we will test them to ensure they can be cleaned safely. In some circumstances we use protective fabric over delicate areas. If we use protective tailoring techniques there may be an additional charge.

On rare occasions there may be weaknesses in the fabric of your wedding dress that were not noticeable before cleaning. This may result in minor damage. Very occasionally decoration such as beads or trim may loosen or get damaged during cleaning. All these things can happen even when preparation is rigorous as bridal gowns tend to be more fragile than other garments. However, we must stress that this is extremely rare.

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Do You Carry Out Wedding Dress Repairs?

We do carry out wedding dress repairs. If you require repairs to your bridal gown, our specialist wedding dress tailoring team will assess it when we receive it. Once we’ve looked at your wedding dress, we will provide you with a quote for any repairs.

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Can You Clean Wedding Dresses That Need Specialist Attention?

Most wedding dresses will have care labels that state ‘do not dry clean’ or ‘spot clean only’, and some may specify a technique such as the Baptiste Process®. Whatever the label in your wedding dress says, the range of cleaning techniques available to us means that we can safely clean all types of bridal gown. We pride ourselves on assessing each dress individually.

Please note: the Baptiste Process® is the specific name given by one dry cleaner to the method they use. The methods we use are tried and tested on bridal gowns that carry this label.

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Do You Insure My Wedding Dress When It Is Cleaned?

Insurance for dresses up to a value of £5000 is included in all our wedding dress cleaning packages. If your dress cost more than this when you purchased it  we will add extra insurance for a small premium. It is important that you do not underestimate the value of your wedding dress to make certain that it is insured up to the appropriate level.  

We are sometimes asked what would happen in the extremely rare event of a problem arising and a claim being necessary. In such an event a valuation would be obtained by our insurers according to industry guidelines* which means that the dress and any additional items are valued at half the purchase price. (*Textile Services Association has valuation guidelines agreed with Office of Fair Trading and Trading Standards). 

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If I Have My Wedding Dress Cleaned Before the Ceremony Can I Wear It Straight Away?

After cleaning, wedding gown are pressed and boxed. When we the Bridal Clean team does this we make every effort to avoid creasing the gown. However, you may still need to repress or steam the dress before you wear it. For this reason, we suggest that you don’t arrange for your gown to be returned to you too close to your wedding day. Make sure you have time to check everything is how you want it.

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How Should I pack my dress – Do I need a box? 

  • Please print out two address labels
  • Place your dress and any other pieces you are sending to be cleaned in a bag, preferably a plastic bag as it provides additional protection from water ingress. If you send us your dress carrier and hanger, then we will return these to you. Please note that veils may be packaged at the bottom of your preservation box upon return.
  • Place that bag in a cardboard box or other suitable strong container. Some people use an old suitcase, storage box or similar but please note that unless specifically agreed and paid for, these will not be returned to you.
  • Put one address label in the box. This should help to repatriate your dress should it be necessary
  • Secure the other address label on the outside of the box so the address is clearly visible.
  • Our courier will add their own labelling and address details when they collect the dress from you.
  • Please note that we cannot accept dresses given to the courier on hangers. They must be in a box for insurance cover.

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My Dress Is on a Hanger. Can I just Give It To You Like That?

No. For insurance reasons, our couriers can’t accept items which are not boxed. We are not able to take responsibility for wedding dresses that are not packed correctly. Please follow the instructions above.

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Do You Only Collect And Deliver Back In London?

No. Although the Bridal Clean service is primarily for London customers, we can in fact collect and deliver throughout mainland England, Scotland and Wales. However, please contact us before ordering if your collection/delivery location is remote as we do not offer our service to some such postcodes.

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